Thursday, 19 March 2009

Semangat Muhibbah

You want muhibbah?

You want helping each other?

You want every person, regardless of race and religion working together to achieve something, to pull each other up?

Take a break from cluster schools, and those overly-politicised multi-racial events.

Go travel on the highway.

There you'll see the citizens of Malaysia giving each other a helping hand.. warning 'em of police checks.

So it may not be the most morally-upright thing to do (it totally defeats the purpose of having a police check in the first place - or maybe it doesn't cuz it does get ppl to slow down, after all, though just for the sake of escaping the summons) BUT it's still considered helping kan?

It's kinda cool too.

Some unwritten highway code in Malaysia:
When you see a police check on the opposite lane, FLASH your HEADLIGHTS to warn the oncoming traffic about it.

These ppl are so cooperative!

So there we were, driving up to Penang, then some cars in the other lane travelling south started having their headlights on, for no apparent reason (it was in the morning, perfect sun, and it wasn't raining).

So, obvious conclusion: Police Check Ahead.

I think about 1 in 15 cars bothered flashing their headlights to warn us.

And, sure enough, somewhere at Kilometer 297 of the North-South Highway (or Expressway, whatever): a police check.

How kind of 'em.

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