Thursday, 19 March 2009


Where do I start?

Let's start with the plain obvious.

The URL.

You see, I was mulling over getting a blog (never have I been so tempted...) on the highway.
And when there's a blog there must be a URL right?
So I mah think lor.
You know I wouldn't go for: tania-lurrveeees OR justthattaniayoulove OR tanialsm OR anything along the thought lines of relative-insignificance (however nice that sounds).......
........actually I didn't know what I'd go for either.
Remember I was on the highway?
This sign passed by: Hentian Sebelah Taiping.
Awesome. Crisis solved. World peace prevails :)
[yes i do know hentiansebelahtaiping.blogspot sounds like one of those true blue Malaysian politicky life-and-times kinda blogs. haha.]

Right. Next up.

My posting name.

M'sian Rice.
Guess what?
It's from one of those harmless billboards along the North-South Highway.
It was advertising Beras Jati, I think.
So, lesson learnt: You never know what'll happen if you advertise along the highway.

What else...?


Never have I been so tempted and never has the thought of having a blog prevailed on me such as this. I vouchsafe: I had much to write!
[sorry it's the effects of reading too much Pride and Prejudice.]
But of course there's one problem with blogs: they're so (almost too) public!
So I shall try to keep the posts discreet and not too deep.
And I'll blog as I want (keeping within the ranges of the law and of the stringency of the ISA, of course - no I don't think I'll be blogging about politics lol) for my own entertainment and happiness.
None of those for-the-sake-of-updating posts please!
Blog is not burden. Blog is not burden.

Is that all?

Oh i nearly forgot.
I can now smirk at myself cuz I know the usernames and passwords to 4 blogs.
Oh, what joy!

Then the doors are open, and all four corners of the world will converge onto this awesome blog, and there will be flooding - it will be ugly - but oh well. Wat to do. This blog so awesome everyone wanna see. Hahaha.

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