Monday, 23 March 2009

How to Write a Karangan

Ceritakan pengalaman kamu sepanjang cuti akhir tahun yang telah kamu alami. Panjang karangan ini hendaklah melebihi 350 patah perkataan.

Looks easy.

Looks are deceiving.

Khai (on Msgr): karangan kamu, senang saja

With all the eksposisi, perkembangan, konflik, klimaks, peleraian crap it needs? I wish.

So let's try out a few rangkas. (sounds like Adibah Amin)

1. The Japan Trip
Eksposisi: PMR over.. go Japan
Perkembangan: I... left on a plane? And I... went touring?
Konflik: I got sick.
Klimaks: I got better and toured somemore.
Peleraian: I went home.
nope, that'd never work.

2. AYC '08
Eksposisi: I become group leader.
Perkembangan: Preparations.
Konflik: A lot of preparations.
Klimaks: AYC came and it went pretty smoothly? Well kinda.
Peleraian: I went home.
not this one either.

3. The Very Clich├ęd I-went-to-the-beach Story
Eksposisi: A surprise trip. Packed.
Perkembangan: Left.
Konflik: Car broke down.
Klimaks: We called AAM. They came. They repaired. We continued.
uh.... Penyambungan: We had fun at the beach.
Penyambungan Penyambungan: We did this. We did that.
Peleraian: We went home.
maybe, just maybe. not like there's anything else to write about.

I. Will. Never. Do. Karangan. Cerita. In. SPM.

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