Sunday, 14 March 2010

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So there you sit, reading that Sejarah book.

Most of your mind utterly refuses to read, and not only read, but memorise (how outrageous is that!) those occasionally biased, sometimes unreliable accounts of what happened way before you were born (and why you would want to know what happened before you, the most important person, lived, i don't know).

But there's a small minority (small minority.. so redundant.. i'll start again..)

But there's a minority of nerve cells which so undemocratically veto their way into forcing all their counterparts (other nerve cells, i mean) into studying.

They say it's for your own good. Also implying that you're not good enough to decide what's good for you. In other words, you're no good.

Now, meet the subversive rebels who want to overthrow the veto-ers. Rather sadly a revolution would never happen, they just don't have the numbers or the resources or the rightful arguments to satisfy the conscientious crowd.

So instead they mumble and grumble their way into spreading malicious thoughts (sedition! cry the veto-ers) that oh, how nice it would be if i could be watching tv or reading this book or going on the inet.. if not for studies.

Let's skip to the after-exams part.

The brain has now been overrun by nerve cells, jubilantly parading around in the streets, knowing that the work was now temporarily over and it's PAY DAY!

And you remember all those thoughts and grand plans you had of what to do once the exams were over.

But somehow they don't have that how-awesome-it-would-be-to-do-that feeling anymore.

Why's that?

I figure it's cuz while you were studying it was sooo horrible, that whatever felt remotely good was boosted up to really good, relatively.

Like for example, going on the inet when you're supposed to be studying feels very good and relaxing; but going on the inet when you've got nothing else to do.. feels normal.

We can call this inspiration-giving feeling 'boredom'.

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