Friday, 12 March 2010

101st post.

Oh remember the decomposing cat? *points down to the other post*
it kinda disappeared last week =/ sad right? but apparently there's another one outside my school, near the jejantas there, at the huge longkang.. but i don't walk out after school so i never get to see it.. oh well.



ming yen, this is for you:

but i feel that 3 big rolls.. maybe still not enough. HAHA. xP

leanne is the awesomest harmoniser ever.

jin ji can act!

and shiauxian our top scorer xP

plus khaihern who is.. khaihern =D

syok. ephraim rocks:)

yes, even with the.. 'fat'-person-who-can't-sing.. there, it's okay, it still rocked xP jk

i also think.. the new sharing materials are really good.

and.. i know.. God's faithful (=

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