Tuesday, 30 March 2010

healthy snack. haha!

okay i'm not a health freak scouting the globe for tasty, nutritious snacks or anything but..

frozen grapes are totally a w e s o m e!

really la. haha. and it doesn't matter whether your grapes are sour, cuz they'll be so cold you won't be able to taste much xP

but make sure they're seedless (really really important!)

any colour also can.

1. Wash grapes.
2. Remove grapes from stem and put into plastic bag, tie up.
3. Put in freezer.
4. Wait at least for a few hours, overnight is more than enough but nothing wrong with extra-frozen =D

really very nice!

i'm not sure whether freezing the grapes affects the nutrients =/ but it's so nice so why bother. haha.

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