Friday, 2 October 2009

What made my Friday nice.

He.. was a real patience-tester. haha. But it was good =)

Ephraimites and Seri Cahaya Orphanage kids (just a few of them). Our 4th time there d I think.

Pastor stopped the van at the side of the road next to the airport runway.. to see a plane fly over us and land. hahaha. 2nd time d!

And although Ephraim was the nearest, I think we were the last cell group to eat here lol

Kangaroo satay.. Ordered horse but they didn't have. Ah. Wasted. haha.

Pls don't misunderstand. Eulene isn't what made my friday nice. Watching her struggle to bite off the piece of kangaroo meat from the satay stick.. THAT was what made my Friday nice xP

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