Thursday, 29 October 2009


So, how was the exam?

It was okay.

Which is good, I think.

Results, results.

And this time round the results do matter (before this they didn't really, but now.. there's weight added!).

But I'm not one to fret over results (at least until 5 minutes before the teacher starts giving the papers out) SO.

What to do? Now that the exam's over!

Okay la, before that. I've finished something I started on since primary school. I started it kerana dipengaruhi oleh kedua-dua abang saya and also cuz I like it!

It's interesting.

Reading's always good for you, right?

And so I finished reading Misteri Naga =D something you'd never heard of before unless you also happen to read those japanese-translated-int0-malay comic books like Doraemon, Mutiara Naga, Qtaro, Dr Slump...

This one!

Thanks to some kind people who translated the books from Jap to English and uploaded it onto the Net, i know exactly what happened at the end d =D something i've been wanting to know since primary school!!

Okay, besides that!


Sooo many episodes of this to catch up on.

Meet the Natives, a new documentary on NatGeo. VERY VERY interesting!! Yes, you should watch it xP

Then of course,

not this blog i mean. The other two :) cuz we're kinda short on writers now? Oh well. It's fun anyways.

And last, but not least.


Yes, i have survived the 26-day abstinence. hahaha!

Oh wait. I nearly forgot.

One more thing.

Okay, I've said floorball d. What could possibly be next..?


Believe it or not, it's gonna be my FIRST time drinking my own starbucks cup (not the cup, the coffee i mean but.. you get it lah).


..I'm not even paying for it! Someone else is!

:D :D :D

Thank you, Tan Wei-Lynn. I really appreciate it!

Oleh sebab dia terlalu terharu atas jasa dan bimbingan saya dalam mata pelajaran Geografi.. hahahah.


PS: i've deleted my link list cuz i too lazy d xP

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