Wednesday, 18 November 2009



I didn't visit this place for like a few days and BANG so much 'perkembangan' in the chatbox d hahah. Angkara tiga orang itu (sonia, zoe chow, ky)..

Yes, zhuqing, Nino's for KIDS. It's okay, we all know you wanna feel young...

julia and sharon, THAT'S NOT ME!


ahem ky jealous... xP

and sonia's bored.

Wayne, YES I'M GETTING THAT, december baru tiba i think.

Windows 7 nice. but they copy Mac lor. hahah oh well. still better, more programs for win.

Leaving on the 22nd, coming back on the 10th. Going where? Over the sea.

I'll be missing lots of floorball, youth services, SUKPEN!, AYC prep (sorry dixon xP sharon help him pls), L4D-till-3a.m. sessions with my brothers yang baru saja balik..

Yes i've been doing that. L4D (= oh friendly fire exciting you know!

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