Saturday, 1 May 2010

Sometimes you kinda feel pitiful towards the guy who only got one talent. Seeing his co-workers get 10 and 5 respectively, must not have been easy. He would've been thinking of how low the master's trust in him is (whether that thought is valid or not idk but still), that he only received one measly talent.

Easy for the persons who got more to multiply their talents ma. It's like if you get 10 seeds compared to 1 seed, it's easier to grow plants and get fruit when you've got 10 seeds. So he figured, you know what, it's better if I don't lose the talent, why take the risk, what can I do with one single talent.. I mean compared to the guy with 10 talents, what can I do..

"compared to the guy with 10 talents"

Fact is, some people just get more talents (skill not monetary -- the English word 'talent' apparently came from that parable) than others. Born with talents, maybe?

Talent is everything. What one person can work up in 2 years, a talented one can build in 2 months. Everyone has got talents, though not the same amount probably. The problem comes when people start comparing. Then comes jealousy and "ahh i wish i could do that like he/she does.. so jealous, he/she can do it so well..".

But our God is a just God, however unjust giving 10 talents to one and 1 talent to another may seem like. We aren't God (thank goodness).

One talent counts. If only that person had said, "You know what, I'll use this one talent to the best I can." I think that the master couldn't have had only 3 workers, seeing how powerful he apparently was he obviously had like a whole big workforce but he only chose three to have talents. Maybe he who got one talent could've looked at the fact that he actually got a talent.

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