Tuesday, 16 February 2010

my Chinese new year's resolution

which i want to do by the next year of the tiger (because after that then i'll be too old and boring to do it xP)



Go into one of those tidbit (or titbit, whichever word you wanna use) shops.. the one that specialises in selling titbits..

(must be specialised shop cuz the ppl manning the tidbit section in supermarkets are usually... old and boring. haha.)

..then get a plastic bag..

..go to the dried guava section..

..and take ONE (just ONE, not two!) slice of dried guava and carefully place it into the plastic bag..

..then give it to the cashier nonchalantly (means like very normal like that)..

..and wait for that REACTION. xP

Yup that's it =D

so simple right. xP anyone wanna join me? haha.

this year angpao really tak laku. haih. haha xP

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