Thursday, 18 February 2010

jusco - destinasi pelancongan terkini! =D

There was this guy in Jusco.

Tourist, with his wife I think. I THINK.

He had a camera.

Compact camera, eulene.

Which looked alot like the one I use.

And he was taking pictures, IN JUSCO, of...

1. the fresh chicken feet packed up in nicely cling-wrapped styrofoam trays.

2. siput balitong.

3. uhh. bags of rice.

You see, Penang is so famous, ppl come all the way here just to take photos of things that Jusco sells.

I don't blame him. xPP

I know how he feels.

Cuz i did the same thing. (not in Jusco lahh!)

Lookie here: (wei-lynn look, there're pictures!!)

Starburst BABIES. Now here i'm wondering what kind of a person would want to eat fruit-flavoured baby-shaped gummies. hey eulene doesn't that look like nathan? xP

COOKIE TIME! they had this all over new zealand, like in almost every single supermarket and convenience store. i bought one back and put it up for gift exchange during that christmas youth service. xP

Then there's Four Squares. It's like what 7Eleven is here. It's like in every little and big town in NZ. Some Four Squares are little, some Four Squares are big.

This was in another supermarket called Fresh Choice. (no, i did not remember, i just zoomed in on the labels there) their bakery section is like sooo nice. (this was just a tiny part)

Then you have the Pavlova. Imagine something along the lines of half-melted marshmellows encased in a sugary crust. Horribly sweet.

uh. fruits la (better than chicken feet right)

Eh so inovatif k. put chimpanzee next to bananas. xP

I feel like doing a whole post about the food in NZ based on photos.

Cuz like there i took like photos of lots of the meals i ate.

Ppl thought i was weird, taking photos of food.

but it was worth it xP haha.

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