Friday, 10 April 2009

How it went.

Recess Revo

Week 1, Friday

Gather at your school's flag poles and pray.

Firstly, we went out of class late (add math lesson ended late), so 5 minutes of recess gone d.

Secondly, our school's flag poles didn't have any flags on them. (potong steam!)

Thirdly, we waited for people, so another minute or two gone.

Sure, we weren't gonna take 20 minutes to pray, but we started late. (So in the end we didn't have any time to eat.)

Prayer went on well. In a circle, as usual.

Yes, so people were staring at us as they walked by (you don't usually stand at your school's flag poles during recess...) but oh well. It was good. Making a statement!

And yup, people noticed!
Someone in class was like: What were you all doing??
Peili: Praying.
That person: For what?
Peili: Our school.
Person: Why??
Peili: Cuz we're in this school wad.

God? Well He definitely noticed :)

Monday through to Thursday (mini Bible studies) went well enough, 5-8 people or so. Noisy though, the canteen.

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